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Facing legal issues can unquestionably be stressful, confusing, intimidating and even overwhelming. These problems can take a serious toll on emotions and can be equally troublesome financially. Our team of lawyers is committed to helping you resolve these issues as efficiently and economically as possible so you can get back to what matters to you. Meet the Attorneys

Family Law

St. Louis, Missouri, Family Law Lawyers

Your family is your number one priority. Whether you are arranging for your family’s care in the event of your incapacitation, fighting to acquire custody or visitation rights, or seeking skilled and compassionate legal representation of a juvenile who has been accused of a crime, excellent and caring legal services are absolutely essential. At The Lake Law Firm, we can help. We have worked in family law for a combined total of 50 years and know how to protect and advance your rights in all areas of family law.

  • Divorce. Divorce is a difficult time. We are experienced in handling contested and uncontested divorce efficiently and effectively. We listen to your concerns regarding child support, alimony (spousal maintenance), and help you plan a legal course that will best serve your needs and those of your family. We can also prepare pre-nuptial agreements, work to resolve property division issues, and help with your surrogacy, fertility and paternity legal issues.
  • Juvenile issues and juvenile law. Few parents expect or are prepared for serious problems or criminal charges involving their children. However, minors today sometimes face legal issues regarding drugs and substance abuse, and criminal charges. We can defend your child’s rights, and fight for acquittal or reduced sentencing in juvenile court.
  • Domestic violence. Domestic violence is a problem that requires an immediate solution. Abused adults and children need prompt and effective protection from abusers. We can file for an emergency order of protection, and fight for your legal safety in court.

We can also handle all other components of family law, including powers of attorney, issues regarding foster care, the creation of guardianships, the rights of grandparents, name changes and the emancipation of a minor.

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Don’t take risks with the care of yourself and your family, and the management of your hard-won assets. For highly experienced family law legal services, call The Lake Law Firm. Contact us at 314-863-0077 for a weekday, evening or weekend appointment.

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