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Facing legal issues can unquestionably be stressful, confusing, intimidating and even overwhelming. These problems can take a serious toll on emotions and can be equally troublesome financially. Our team of lawyers is committed to helping you resolve these issues as efficiently and economically as possible so you can get back to what matters to you. Meet the Attorneys


St. Louis, Missouri, Paternity Lawyers

If the paternity of a child is disputed, it is important to take the time for a paternity test in order to protect your parental claims. The paternity attorneys at The Lake Law firm, represent both mothers and fathers in this sensitive matter, and provide the support clients need in any issues that follow the results.

Some benefits of establishing paternity include:

  • Securing your parental rights: By establishing paternity, you can ensure that you have visitation and child custody rights with your son or daughter. A fathers’ rights lawyer can arrange the paternity test and help secure your parental rights.
  • Mandating support: If you have a child out of wedlock, you may need to establish paternity before requesting child support from the alleged father.
  • Finding closure in familial situations: Do you know the father of your child? A paternity test resolves paternity disputes and offers the closure needed to move forward.

At The Lake Law Firm, we can answer your questions and assist with all paternity actions, from filing the initial motion with the court to enforcing child support payments. We can also help if you want to terminate your parental rights. We offer compassionate legal representation that is focused on doing what is right for you and the child.

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At The Lake Law Firm, we understand that your child is your top priority. You want nothing more than to ensure he or she is cared and provided for. Establishing paternity may be in the best interest of your children. For experienced family law, call an attorney at The Lake Law Firm. Contact us at 314-863-0077 for a weekday, evening or weekend appointment.

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